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The photo story of a compact mirror, from design to manufacture

Jane Vanroe Compact Mirror

It’s going to be quiet at Powder Compacts as I work on manufacturing my first collection of compact mirrors. But, if you’d like to share the journey of the new compacts with me, you can follow all my photographs (and sketchbook doodles!) at my Vanroe Facebook page.

Your comments and support have been so important to me in getting this far. I do hope you’ll join me on the next stage of this adventure. I’ll be back on this blog as soon as I have some lovely things to share.

In the meantime, thank you! I look forward to your comments on Facebook! xxx

forget me not compact mirror and sketch

The new Forget Me Not design and my paper sketch book. See my sketches for the new compact mirror designs on Facebook xxx


2 comments on “The photo story of a compact mirror, from design to manufacture

  1. Laura Bellis
    March 6, 2014

    Hi. As nice as the new collection is they are only compact mirrors and not powder compacts. I’ve never seen the point in a mirror compact when a powder compact is dual use (mirror and powder). Does this mark the end of your powder compacts?

    • Jane Johnston
      March 7, 2014

      Hi Laura,

      You make a great point :) I set out to ethically source powder compacts last year, but drew a blank. There are very few manufacturers here in the UK still capable of producing such intricate ‘fancy metal goods’. I had some great meetings with a couple, but the cost to create the tooling from scratch is over £100,000! (Almost $200,000!!!) I then worked with an agent in Asia and made some smaller investments in tooling. But after three months quality was too patchy and ethically, hmmm… I’d need to go out and see the factories before building my business on one Far East manufacturer.

      So, I decided to focus on a product I could source first, compact mirrors. Definitely not lost the aim of producing great powder compacts again, but it won’t be until I have a bit more clout (and know what works in my designs… that’s another blog post!)!

      I’ll post something longer on the sourcing story so far for you soon.

      xxx Jane

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