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How to use (refill) a vintage Stratton powder compact

My new video on how to use and refill a vintage Stratton powder compact. I explain the differences between ‘convertible’ and loose powder compacts, show Stratton’s self-opening inner lid, and give some tips on using the different powder sifters. The pressed powder refill I mention is Max Factor Creme Puff. You can read more about this on my post on which compacts fit Max Factor Creme Puff.

If the video doesn’t play above, you can watch on Youtube here.

UPDATE: Unfortunately I do not now stock replacement Stratton sifters. I’ll update as soon as this changes!

For more about vintage powder compacts, take a look at my archive of compact collecting tips and advice.

For my designs (new compact mirrors… unfortunately no powder compacts as yet!), visit Vanroe Compact Mirrors.


2 comments on “How to use (refill) a vintage Stratton powder compact

  1. Laura
    January 14, 2014

    Hi, I recently bought a Stratton compact I think from the mid 60’s early 70’s. I can open the compact but having trouble opening the next thingo – it still has the paper instructions inside and looks like it has never been opened. It has marked inside PAT. 764125. Could you please advise how to open as I can’t see a button etc. Many thanks, Laura

  2. Colette
    March 20, 2014

    Hi .. I have just found your site and am reading your posts which I love. My mother in law has just sent me a Stratton Musical Powder Compact which plays Moulin Rouge as part of my birthday gift today and I am trying to find out some information on it and I was hoping you could help. It is in pristine condition, the box, its purse, mirror, everything is still intact as it has never been used. She told me it was her mothers and her father bought it for her in the 1960’s and I was wondering if you knew when this compact would have been made/when it was on sale from? Any help/information would be so greatly appreciated! :) Oh I have fallen in love with this compact .. I usually collect vintage china but after receiving this gift I think I have found another love!!

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