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A brilliant Yorkshire Post feature on my business and powder compacts

Vanroe Jane Johnston Yorkshire Post

You can just about see me, peering out from behind the lady in the flowery dress…

I can officially say I’m a cover girl this week as the Yorkshire Post printed a brilliant article – and popped my head on the front page. Lucky my top matched the new logo of their “Life & Style” section!

The article was written by one of the loveliest journalists I’ve met, Catherine Scott. If I could work out a way of fitting a broad sheet through my A4 scanner I’d link to it all. I’d even forgive her reference to

“…the rather unglamorous surroundings of her mid-terrace house in Halifax.”

This inspired a short debate in the Totally Locally offices (more about my work with these excellent chaps shortly…). Totally Locally’s Chris lives in a back-to-back terrace, so I’m posher than him. But Kerri has an end-terrace, so she wins.

Yorkshire Post Powder Compact Article

Sorry for not reproducing this properly. Anything bigger than A4 and I’m stuck.

I’m a bit proud of appearing in the Yorkshire Post, so it now sits on my new blog header. I cobbled it together this afternoon after the post below appeared on a makeup forum:

“If you can tolerate the banner on this woman’s blog, it might be a good place to start”

Hmm. As committed a Mum as I am, if the photo of me, Al and the boys was making others vomit it was time for a swift change.

Powder Compacts Yorkshire Post

My head again. This time filling some space on the Life & Style front cover. Billy kept pointing to the picture of Rebecca Addlington and shouting “Mummy”.


3 comments on “A brilliant Yorkshire Post feature on my business and powder compacts

  1. BooBooNinja
    March 17, 2012

    Congratulations! (And boooo to the haters.)

  2. Carol
    March 17, 2012

    Hi Jane, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment. Glad you liked my blog post. I thought the Yorkshire Post article was excellent and I was really impressed with your new/vintage business. I’m sure you are rushed off your feet and have more than enough orders but, perhaps a thought for the future, either advertising or attending the Wartime Weekends in Pickering might be a new outlet (I’ve been a few times, the atmosphere is just wonderful).
    Carol xx

  3. grannysmiff
    March 18, 2012

    ‘Here’s lookin’ at you kid’

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