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In The Chap’s “Mistress List” Gift Guide! My 1930s-style Stratton powder compact…

OOH! This month’s issue of The Chap Magazine has just landed on my doormat… and the lovely Fleur de Guerre has recommended VanRoe Compacts in her “Mistress List”. This is a brilliant guide to what Chappettes would actually love to receive in their Christmas stockings.

Chap Magazine's gift guide VanRoe powder compacts

Fleur de Guerre’s brilliant guide. (The compact in her hand is Stratton’s 1930’s style Art Deco wave)

I wish it had arrived just a shade earlier so I could leave out on our coffee table! A Lucite bag? YES PLEASE Mr. Husband! (I probably own enough compacts… probably…….)

Actually, as a side note I yesterday evening spoke with a husband who’s wife owns over ONE THOUSAND compacts. Aha. 1000.

You can see more of Stratton’s new Art Deco wave compact over at VanRoe Compacts. x

The featured gift powder compact Stratton art deco

Fleur’s featured Stratton powder compact! It’s even sparklier in real life! (£34 at VanRoe Compacts)

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