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Restoration: Can you repair my vintage powder compact?

Stratton powder compact vintage marcasite 1960s

A 1960s vintage Stratton I resurfaced – Geoff would have done it better ;) (Currently for sale at Vanroe)

I’ve been meaning to write around a number of the Frequently Asked Questions arriving in my inbox… so here’s the first of three. And it’s the big one – “Can you repair my vintage powder compact for me?”.

The short answer is no, I wish I could, but I know a man who can!

I tend not to take on restoration projects. My skills are limited to basic repair, resurfacing and deep cleaning, and I only ever play with compacts post-1950. Anything earlier, or more precious, than this shouldn’t be trusted to a person like me.

The man to restore your compact is the amazing Geoff Craven. Geoff started his Compact Clinic after his wife began collecting, and found himself in enormous demand after word spread during British Compact Collectors Society events. Geoff is able to replace and re-silver compact mirrors, clean and relacquer cases, repair hinges, latches and musical movements. He is, in short, a miracle worker.

Silver plated Stratton vintage compact

Gratuitous picture of a gorgeous silver-plated vintage Stratton (sorry – just sold)

Now, I checked with Geoff whether I could pass on his details, but I’ve a feeling he may be inundated. So, I’ll spell out his precious email address to avoid the spam… and promise me you’ll only email if you’re serious about your compact returned to glory? I’ve a feeling he’s going to be an even busier man!

shop for stratton powder siftersGeoff Craven – The Compact Clinic

Email:  craven dot geoff at talktalk dot net (don’t forget to mention this blog!)

Geoff and his wife are also active members of the British Compact Collectors Society, distributing the brilliant newsletter “Face Facts”. This newsletter is worth my £15/yr membership alone. I urge you to join if you love compacts and vintage glamour… there’s no way you’d be disappointed!

Finally, as a quick but blatant plug, you can find replacement powder puffs and sifters at my shop, Vanroe Powder Compacts. (And Stratton’s beautiful range of Italian leather compact cases – I carry the lipstick red edition in my handbag every day!).

PS – You might also like my post on The Use, Care and Repair of Vintage Powder Compacts.

3 comments on “Restoration: Can you repair my vintage powder compact?

  1. The British Compact Collectors Society also has a Facebook page, with photos of stunning vintage compacts. Have a look at the page and click on the photos. When you find us, please ‘Like’ us !

  2. Janet Craig
    April 8, 2012

    Hello my name is Jan Craig,
    I have a musical compact that has been overwound my husband bought me for my 21st birthday, that was 45 years ago, i want to have this repaired so that i may bequeath this to my granchild. I have also one that needs a new mirror, my father bought it me, so it has great sentimental value as my father is no longer with us. I have taken these to various jewellers who do not want to repair them.

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