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News from the baby days

Catching up!

Joji at 4 weeks, in a rare quiet moment!

Phew. Both boys are in bed, the husband’s on a well-earned night out, and we’ve reached the magic 5 weeks old milestone. From past, and this, experience the 4th week is the absolute worst with my babies. Luckily Joji hasn’t been an absolute colic bag like his brother (thank you “Colic Solved“.. who knew what a difference giving up milk would make…), but the melt downs arrived like clockwork! This is the first night since week 4 hit that come 7pm we’ve not been bouncing him, moby-wrapped up, on the trusty pilates ball!

Anyway, what a lovely feeling to be quietly catching up, and fingers crossed he’ll stay down until this post finished! We’re definitely low on stock, I haven’t thanked as many people as I need to yet for their lovely wishes, but VanRoe kept going through the first month of Baby Two. And crazily we had our busiest month to date! Poor, excellent, husband!

Retro Chick's gorgeous photos of her VanRoe compact

Retro Chick’s gorgeous photos of her VanRoe compact

So, first to thank some wonderful sites for their posts on VanRoe Compacts. Retro Chick posted a great review and super stylish photos. Then Meghan at The Nervous Purvis wrote lovely things about her order of a Vintage KIGU powder compact. The Stylist Magazine chose a 1960s Stratton compact for one of their “Style List”… then the highly addictive Vintage Mama hosted VanRoe’s first ever competition – a giveaway of new Stratton compacts! Congratulations to Ashley, Briony and Laura!

Should really have supported that head!

Behind the scenes I worked between feeds on a “How to” for Vintage Life Magazine…  coming in the October edition. Then, super excitingly, a national women’s mag requested compacts for their Christmas gift guide photo shoot (fingers crossed!). Putting that parcel together was *almost* as exciting as Joji’s arrival… ;) And then I learned that VanRoe Compacts has an exclusive until Christmas of a new powder compact by an international fashion designer!!!!! Can’t wait to be able to tell you about this. I should have photos and samples next week!

So, all in all, phew. Can’t wait to see what the next month brings! Just got to restock my vintage range… and keep loving up two small Johnstons (and the big one that’s kept VanRoe together!) xxx

My Johnstons in our first week together! Seems so long ago!


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