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Vintage powder compacts to… Japan

vintage powder compacts to japan

On my way out the door to the post

Excellent surprise yesterday in my inbox – my first order to Japan. Six vintage compacts packed up and sent via our lovely post office, the only problem being Halifax’s current sheet rain which got me on the way there and the way back. Nice sunny interval while I waited in the queue.

Today’s a heavy preparation and restocking day… preparation for two vintage fairs (tomorrow and May 29th), and restock for my currently rather sparse site. Lots of great compacts staring at me forlornly from my desk, demanding their makeover and photographs. I’ve found there’s only so much I can say currently about VanRoe-ing with baby and bump (3rd trimester now!) Everyday a similar routine of baby-fettling, grabbing time for work essentials, and a growing to-do list. William now lots of fun, and it’s suicidal to open a laptop within reach!

So, a few posts planned about vintage powder compacts themselves… bear with me while I grab some time!

Stratton vintage powder compact with roses

One of the vintage compacts on their way to Japan

One comment on “Vintage powder compacts to… Japan

  1. Shane Coughlan
    May 20, 2011

    The compacts have officially arrived in Japan, and here is the first impression from my wife:


    Google Translate will miserably fail. What she said is that they are unexpectedly intricate, delicate and colorful designs, that the sixth compact was a lovely surprise, thank you so much for your considerate thought, and that these beautiful items with a long past will have a great future too.

    Of course, she is fluent in English, but it was more fun to post in Japanese…

    Shane, in Japan…flying to London tomorrow for a weekend before attending a wedding in Ireland. The jet-set life without the jet. Oh, and Masayo, the hanger on.

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