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First trimestering

Jane and bump

Bump, version 1.17

For all non-mummies out there, the first trimester (officially, the first 12 weeks) of pregnancy can be likened to being brought down by a particularly quirky virus. You’re dog tired, you throw up, you can’t concentrate, you cry at adverts, and no worldly amount of bacon sandwiches can satisfy your hunger for salt. At least, that’s my first trimester, and based on the evidence of two post-12 week pregnancies, mine last for 17 ish weeks.

This is actually rather fortunate, as pregnancy is a capricious and vengeful master. The particular strain I find myself again apprenticed to likes to load it up front. He’s an Alan Sugar of a boss – “prove yourself, girl”, “baptism of fire”, “never did anyone any harm” but then “you’re all right by me”. He quietly lays off for the second and third trimesters, happy just to incentivise me now and then with a quick leg cramp or hour in the newsagent choosing between pickles. I have it easy.

And, like clockwork, I hit 17 weeks this week and suddenly I’m online. The bump’s there, I’ve eaten corned beef three times in two days and yesterday baby #2 kicked as I scoffed a baked potato cheese and beans in a greasy spoon after walking 40 mins into town. Yes, I’m back, back, back.

And, as I’ve been a crap first trimester ball of hormones watching Twilight, here’s a quick update on business…

– Fairs, fair: I’ve thrown myself into the world of vintage fairs. I take my knitting (yep, finally succumbed to that craze after defining oneself for years as a sewing machine girl. and Stay-on Booties by Knitgirl’s Mother have rocked my world). I talk about powder compacts. I make money.

– Totally locally: Supportive local events continue. On Tuesday I had a little stall for my wares at the Bridging Businesses networking event in Sowerby Bridge – my manor-to-be once we complete on our house. Bridging Businesses somehow created by students from our local college on work placement at DC Design… how cooler is that than photocopying? The composure and confidence of the students presenting at the event put me to shame (see below). I met some fantastic people, was introduced to Women In Rural Enterprise (WIRE), and finally got to be shamelessly fan-girl in Chris Sand’s face.

Chris Sands is the brains behind this amazing site. He promotes local businesses, writes awesome copy, and works for free. And he doesn’t mention his own company when speaking at events… which, in my book, raises him to God-like status. In my previous life I sat through enough sales pitches to sink a ship. Anyway, this is Chris Sands’ work.

– And finally, presenting as a preggo: All I had to do was to talk to twenty Sheffield Hallam students about Teach First, a scheme I love but completed six years ago. No one warned me that in a 1st tri state this might end in tears. My tears. During the presentation. As a wave of preggo hormones hit, the shadowy reminiscences of classroom faces and chalk board tales hit me like the music from the English Patient. I was a wreck. I managed to avoid any actual mascara run but it was a scarily close call. Now bricking it about another, bigger talk next week…


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