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Home phone

ET and william powder compact diaries

And I had a desk to keep my phone on when incubating this one...

A major lesson this week: keep baby close and phone even closer. When I’m not stopping William getting in the toilet, pulling all the thread from my sewing machine, or saving his life from a piece of avocado, I’m missing phone calls. Important phone calls.  Somehow, this week has proved, I need to make the transition from Mummy carrying baby to Mummy carrying mobile.

Easy, you might think. Well, I have a moral conundrum. You see, there’s no way my mobile can be on display, unless I’m happy with William making multiple 999 calls or hitting it repeatedly on the TV screen. As all Mummies know, mobile phones are baby crack.  So, I should stick it in my pocket, right?

Erm, well… do I sound like a mental if I mention the other baby on board? That tiny one, about 14 weeks old, swimming about approx. 20cm from said phone? Not entirely comfortable irradiating that little bod with microwaves. Bugger. So, there’s the rub. Risk missing that big PR coup or turn my baby into Dr Manhattan from Watchmen. What’s a modern Mummy to do? ;)

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