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Extra extra

Jane Johnston Powder Compact Halifax Courier


And in other news, I gained my first press coverage for VanRoe! Diane Crabtree of The Halifax Courier wrote a brilliant article about the business… and rather startlingly used my big bonce for the front page of their “All Woman” lifestyle section. I also got a cheeky pic in the header of the real front page… prompting me to laugh out load at the bemused lad in the post office. I even went next door to show our veg man (and covered my ego-tracks by buying three tomatoes).

So, lovely, lovely, lovely. But what’s even better about The Courier, is that in checking All Woman last week (I knew I wasn’t in that week, but you know, a girl likes to be sure) I read about a local fair started by another Halifax business mummy. Frustrated by the lack of winter events at which to sell her beauty products, she created her own in a community centre in Greetland. It’s this Sunday, open to all local business ladies, and I’ve got a stall!!  Ridiculously excited. Even if I sell absolutely nothing, meeting local business owners will be well worth a sunday out… And I’ll be resplendent with my new-to-me ebay table cloth, ebay plastic display stands and freshly laminated signs. I’d two laminating pockets left over from my teaching days, and dusting off the machine from its cellar retirement was excitement itself.

All in all a busy but excellent week. New baby, The Courier and a real life sales channel.

Front page VanRoe powder compacts


All Woman Courier Halifax VanRoe Powder Compacts

Me again...

Courier All Woman Jane Johnston Vintage Powder Compact VanRoe

2 comments on “Extra extra

  1. enemyofchaos
    February 2, 2011

    So much great news and amazing coverage, congrats! Also, this looks like a really high spec local (it has *sections*?!) Brilliant work. Hope you bought 10.

  2. gracecheetham
    February 6, 2011

    This is brilliant – huge congratulations – you can see why they did such a big splash because you and the business really do look great. Gxx

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