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Wasting time

There are some days when I miss the office. These are usually the days when I’d really like to be checking email, having a cup of tea, and chatting about East Enders. And these days usually fall in between projects.  I’d rather be doing anything but planning what I’m going to do next.

Today’s one of those stale days. Sales are quiet, but in just a few weeks it’s Valentines Day. I should really be getting myself thoroughly in gear. But if I plan, see it through, and it doesn’t work, then my procrastinating brain reckons I should just have had another Hobnob and not even bothered. It’s risk averse and biscuit-centric.

Anyway, bugger it brain. I’ll give you a Hobnob, but facebook is staying closed until you’ve come up with a To Do list. Only got two hours left until baby duties start again… and you know how much you like those nappies.

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This entry was posted on January 20, 2011 by in my vintage powder compacts.

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