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January sales

William and uncle chris - powder compact diaries

Reaching for new and maybe scary

2011. Rather wonderful and bloody scary. With many fingers crossed, this will be the year that both darling husband and I grow businesses than can feed and cloth us, William included. And stay relatively uncrackers.

I keep reassuring myself, in my own New Year’s self-help mantra in front of the mirror, that “I’m NOT special, I’m NOT special”. Plenty of people have done this before.  Succeeded or failed or something in between.  But they’ve done it.  And my New Year’s resolution has to be to get out there and meet them.  I’m joining anything and everything that business in Yorkshire has to offer.  An enterprise groupie.

On the scary side, that easily avoided word “sales” has to be firmly in fashion for my 2011.  Sales, sales, sales.  There, it’s said, and it’s going to have to be said over and over.  No matter how lovely my site looks, the reality is sales.  I now have to love making sales, rather than shopping at them… well, at least until I’ve made sales…

Anyone want a gorgeous vintage powder compact? ;)

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