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Being social

Baby boys at the Powder Compact Diaries

Learning to be social

For the last few days I’ve struggled with what could be called my “social media strategy”. Struggled, not with the technology or the concept or absorbing the billion “guerilla marketing” guides published by every self-promoting PR firm and ecommerce solution… no, my struggle’s with content. And, I suspect, my own dignity.

I actually love my customers… they ordered a compact! Good god, could there be any nicer people!? I feel personal responsibility for their happiness when they open that box, and every time they visit my site. So, why would I want to push clack on them through every social platform going? Yes, yes, they *may* be interested in today’s exclusive discount code, or to be told that a lovely Stratton powder compact arrived just this morning, but I suspect (and hope) that they have more interesting and profound content to digest somewhere else. Taking up their time to shout “me, me, me”, no matter how tangentially, is undignified and ungracious. I’ve tried it. And it feels like social media has eroded a little of my soul.

My struggle reached fever pitch on Friday when I was reminded by a well meaning friend in PR that “digital engagement is about conversation, not broadcasting your story or POV” and asked where this blog fits my overall marketing strategy. And that question alone is the reason I’ll keep broadcasting my story and point of view. I’m not doing it to be social, or sell powder compacts, or as a strategic move. I’m writing to record this, starting my business, and share the experience with anyone to whom it actually matters.

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