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Me and my accounts

Saturday evening in with my ledger

Thought that 8.30pm this evening would be a good time for my November accounts. I’m still here at 10.35pm. Strangely thrilling, accounts. I’ve no interest in carefully controlled adrenal uppers like skydiving (ha!)…  there’s far crazier danger between these here wild invoices.

If you’ve seen Grizzly Man, you’ll appreciate the knowing dread you get when that new, undernourished grizzly comes ambling into frame. Well that bear should have been called PayPal Fee. And somehow I hadn’t noticed his slobbering jaws before now.

One comment on “Accounting

  1. enemyofchaos
    December 11, 2010

    Yes, absolutely feeling the Paypal charge myself this week too. I’ve just had to put my international postage up…

    Also: Jane, your blog is brilliant.

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