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William helping with mummy's powder compacts

Helping Mummy

Snatching time when William’s sleeping, or sleepy enough to sit with me while I type or photograph compacts. This doesn’t happen often. I ended up promising self that come 7pm when William beds down, I’d go crazy on the laptop and start a powder compact empire. Of course, come 7.30pm I find myself staring pointlessly at the screen.

Now my bum’s gone numb, and I still haven’t achieved anything. Except worry myself silly that nothing will come of this messing about with websites, and be a bit resentful when I finally get a text from husband. TV on, but turned off “Four Weddings” and went searching for something more cerebral. Made me feel more productive to watch newsreels from 1950s… Research?

The trouble with snatched time is that my planning suffers. Every moment I have needs to be used. Properly used. So sitting down quietly with a pencil gets sidelined to something quick and dirty involving typing and internets. And then I start to panic that the quick and dirties aren’t adding up to much more than a few chirpy “hellos” on facebook.

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This entry was posted on December 3, 2010 by in my vintage powder compacts.

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