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Salmon Monday


4pm walk before my tea time storm

A day of live chat bug reports, fishy babies, minor injuries and the worst livingroom carnage yet. Which I’ve yet to clear up.

It was a William day. William has developed a preference for liquidised salmon. My baby smelt like cat food from his 11am lunch. My cardigan smells of cat sick. The carpet at the top of the stairs has been adversely affected by cat sick. Fortified, William spends day attacking my parcel wrapping, christmas wrapping, and coffee tables. Three facial bruises as a result of two packing box impacts and one coffee table overturned. Luckily health visitor not due to visit again until he’s 12months. Livingroom should be cleared of wrapping paper, rug biscuit, soggy sellotape rolls and cardboard tubes before she comes back.

Emails to my linked in-ers, then quick walk in snow at 3.30 with smelly baby in sling.  Return to find that my site’s gone MIA – well, it’s stopped showing more than one page in any category. Apparently I only have eight compacts. Spend next hour juggling live chat bug report with my e-commerce platform, and spooning liquidised chicken casserole into baby’s mouth. Simultaneously. Husband rather greatly steps in to deliver pudding as I edit some html.

Now baby in bath with darling husband and I’ve dinner to cook. Nothing in so it may have to be a tin of cannellini beans and some cous cous. The fish and chip shop ordinarily would be calling, but I can still smell that cat sick on my cardigan.

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