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Baby with book - powder compact diaries

He got there first

Today was a William day.  I meant to take five minutes somewhere to start “Rework” the book by the 37 signals software guys. Those five minutes never happened.

But the book is now following me around the house, and I am looking forward to giving it a fair go. A while back I flicked to the marketing chapter and it made me cross. To be fair, I skim read the marketing chapter on the loo and it made me cross.

Software chappies tend to write in a way that gets on my wick. Their world is one of black and whites and opinionated exchanges. “This is crap, this is not”. A title like “Press releases are spam” is a quick quip in Rework. They explain themselves in the chapter, but why not lose the arrogance and keep the world-is-more-grey-than-that people like me sweet.

Anyway, William-willing, tomorrow I will have another go.

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